MaraMeter 2057550 (XLI-57B-13) Portable Thickness Gages
Product features
  • Using the basic design of the Model 57B-13 (Model 57B-13M — Metric) Gage, the lower contact is PT-103, 1.10 mm / .043” diameter rod, mounted horizontally
  • The upper contact is a flat chisel contact , in line with the rod
  • By slipping tubular parts onto the lower contact, the gage can measure the thickness of the wall of the tube
  • An auxiliary weight on the Indicator provides a total dead-load weight of 25 grams
  • (Replacement lower rod: PS-43)
  • Technical data

Order no.Product typeMeasuring range mmThroat depth mmThroat depth inchMeasuring force
2057550 (XLI-57B-13)
0 - 7.62
102 mm
4 inch
0.25 N