MaraMeter 2057541 (XLI-22P-20) Portable Thickness Gages
Product features
  • Indicator built into gage frame for maximum ruggedness
  • Lift-lever for one-hand operation
  • Continuous reading dials with revolution counter for absolute measurement of thin materials, plastic films and small parts
  • 6.3 mm / .25“ diameter, flat steel contacts
  • Digital models can be Left/Right hand operated or front mounted and used with BA-26 Stand for bench applications
  • Technical data

Order no.Product typeMeasuring range mmThroat depth mmThroat depth inchDistance of movable anvil_mmProbe_path_inchSize of measuring surface in mm
2057541 (XLI-22P-20)
0 - 25
50 mm
2 inch
25.4 mm
1 inch
6.3mm / 0.25inch Steel Contacts